Angel Haze Admits Sexual Abuse, We Applaud Her Bravery

Hip-Hop isn’t always the most open place for self-discovery. Thanks to the bravado most fans enjoy, you know that swagger you channel while re-rhyming lyrics in your bathroom mirror, it’s also tough for some MC’s to reveal their darkest secrets. But newcomer Angel Haze has done just that over Eminem‘s “Cleaning Out My Closet” track, using the beat to talk about her repeated sexual abuse as a child into her teen years and how it changed her self-image when she turned inward as a result of the trauma. I’ve been watching Angel’s work from a distance but I’ll admit this track made me pay attention. It’s vivid and she really lays bare her experience including her sexuality, saying she began liking girls because men terrified her, and I can only applaud her openness to share this much of herself with fans and on-lookers alike.

Thoughts, ladies?

Check out Angel Haze’s latest clip, “Werkin Girls”:

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