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Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey’s ‘Idol’ Fight But Who Released the Tape?

Even with the addition of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey (whose diva-ness is legendary and I love. Heels on exercise equipment? Yes, please.) I can’t really join America or Britain’s obsession with “talent” shows. When people force me to watch them at their houses I literally want to cut my eyes out like that unlucky bull fighter in GQ this month. And last night someone leaked a clip of Nicki flipping on Mariah, there’s postulations that remind me of Queens … and of course gossipy talk show host Wendy Williams aired the video with subtitles this morning, lol. Nicki says what she says and Mariah responds with “Whyyyyyyyyyy … I want to see my kids,” to which Nicki says “Well, go see them.” Rude.

Naturally, I headed over to the ever-gracious MissInfo for the inside and tactful scoop:

When Nicki Minaj was announced as a new judge on American Idol, there were rumors that fellow judge Mariah Carey reacted with less than enthusiastic open-arms. Then on Sept. 17, TMZ reported that Nicki and Mariah bumped heads because  Mariah kept interrupting Nicki on camera. …

So it seems that things are less peachy these days…but with all that that debate before auditions even began, any ill will was practically pre-written. Both Nicki and Mariah have probably had plenty of tiffs with peers in the past that have blown over. Perfect example…there was a scene in Nicki’s MTV documentary of her venting about a fellow artist. Without naming the subject, I can tell you, they’ve appeared onstage together without any visible tension.

Do you think the producers of American Idol leaked out this footage to TMZ themselves? Hmm….

I mean, Nicki’s special and I think her stardom exacerbates her insecurities — don’t judge, imagine if you worked 20-hour days and were expected to be creative, gorgeous and perfect all the time; you’d be ready to cut someone by day four — so I expect these types of outbursts unfortunately. And if I was an American Idol producer, I’d absolutely release the clip below of them acting up because television shows need ratings and you’re reading these words on these women beefing right now aren’t you? *shrug* But even if Nicki and Mariah get in a ring and physically brawl, ya’ll aren’t talking me into watching these damn glorified high school talent shows. iRefuse.

Check out the video of Nicki and Mariah’s tiff below from TMZ:

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