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Pennsylvania’s ‘Prove Your Rape’ Bill Proposed

What’s wrong with Pennsylvania? Seriously, from the place that gave us The Roots, Jill Scott and Amber Rose, I’m surprised that the state is attempting to rival Arizona in new ways to attack women. But after all this voter ID hoopla, I shouldn’t be shocked, right?

Just weeks after overturning the voter ID laws that confused many elderly and people of color into thinking they couldn’t vote without a driver’s license or state ID — now organizers are hurrying to educate voters discouraged by the law that it’s OK to hit the polls. Mess. — the state’s House is toying with a bill that will force women requesting welfare who’ve been raped to prove their abuse and report their attackers. Who cares is that’s dangerous … From Jezebel:

The bill seeks to reduce the amount of welfare benefits that low-income women receive based on how many kids they have while covered under the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program. For some crazy reason (perhaps limited access to affordable contraception?), low-income women have more children, and lawmakers — four Republicans and one Democrat in this case — want to stop giving them money. But what if a woman is impregnated against her will? Ehh, alright, fine: if a woman can prove she was raped and that she reported her rape and her abuser’s identity to the police, they’ll throw her some cash.

I maintain that all of these vagina-policing laws wouldn’t be an issue if the topic of conversation was male rape, which also happens and few people want to discuss. *throws up hands*

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