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Rihanna + Chris Brown: The R&B Telenovela Continues

Last night, Chris Brown (or his team?) released a clip of himself mulling over falling love with two women and whether it’s possible to “care too much.” By now, most know that Chris Brown and model girlfriend Karrueche Tran have broken up and that the Virginia-born singer was spotted out with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna multiple times this week, including at a club where they may or may not have humped in the bathroom, and Wednesday’s Jay-Z concert at the Brooklyn Barclays Center. And now this clip surfaces and it’s essentially an edit of footage that’s been filmed over what appears to be the last week or so, of Brown in a club with Rihanna and elsewhere travelling with Karrueche, cut together with his late night, drunken musings on loving two women.


What am I supposed to do with this? Thanks to Parlour columist Nakia D. Hansen and honestly watching a family member’s abusive relationship come to a gruesome end recently, I’m familiar with the cycles of domestic violence. People don’t always leave when they’re supposed to and sometimes those choices lead to dire consequences so I’m not surprised that Rihanna and Chris never fully ended contact with one another or that they’re clearly dating again. She’s said that she’s forgiven him and perhaps we should too, as her fans, critics and mature women. Despite my grandaddy’s advice of ‘if he hits you once, he’ll do it again,’ Rihanna is free to make her own choices and I, for one, like a realistic role model. Former R&B poster child Brandy has said in multiple interviews that trying to be perfect lead her to an eating disorder and lying about a marriage to maintain her status as America’s sweetheart and we all remember Britney Spears’ drug-addled umbrella meltdown. Let Rih-Rih make her own decisions.

But here’s the thing that bothers me, with the violent history that Chris has with women, maybe this isn’t the moment to be come off like a sentimental player? Maybe playing it cool and quiet would be the better choice? Kind of like Christian Bale who was accused of roughing up his mother and then flipped out while filming Dark Knight, people seem to like him again. But I guess, I’m asking too much. In the minds of most artists, when they endure massive public mistakes, once they move one, they think we all have too … except the public usually hasn’t so everything he or she does is through the lens of their mistake. Everything. So here’s my question; should I move on and accept Rihanna and Chris’s reconciliation as the telenovela it’s playing out to be — there’s a video people, that thing looks like a trailer for Scandal or something — or should I continue to see this whole exchange as a mess that I can’t watch because I’m praying that I don’t know the ending? Thoughts, ladies and gents who love us?

“The Real Chris Brown” from David Alan on Vimeo.

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