Solange Covers Elle, I Live

While I was playing the brain dead game on Facebook, I found this cover featuring Beyonce’s fashionable hipster sister Solange. And you know what? I LIVE. YASSSSS (c) the @ParlourMagazine roomie. Give me mismatching prints or give me death!

I know I’m late, but here’s a bit from ELLE:

When it came to styling the set-in-South-Africa video for her daydreamy new single “Losing You,” Solange called upon Tibi, Diane von Furstenberg, SUNO, and ASOS to dress her and her friends. “Our budget was very conservative, so we didn’t have
changing rooms or anything,” she says. “We literally were just like ‘Get in a van and go,’ so I said, ‘You wear this, you wear this!'”

But what about the choreography? “I don’t think you can make up those moves,” she jokes.

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