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The Travel Seven: Christian Borges

Name: Christian ‘Gorgeous’ Borges
Occupation: VP, Marketing, Communications 
Website: @ChristianBorges
Passport Stamps: 25+

1. My Best Travel Memory So Far: Probably my first trip to India for my wedding. I spent a month there, about 20 days in Mumbai proper, and the rest of the time traveling in Kerala via houseboat, and then Rajastan, including Delhi, Agra, Jaipur,Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur. It was by far the most visceral travel experience ever. A total assault on all the 5 senses (well, 4 out of the 5): Sight (the colors from people of all shades to spices to palaces, to poverty), Smell (yeah, diesel fuel smell is hella intense, as can some other smells, but then there’s the food smells which are AMAZING!), Sound (from car horns honking to random parades and street weddings, to the best Bhangra and Desi music, the streets and the airwaves are ALIVE), and Taste: incredible, delectable flavors that get your mouth watering, sometimes on fire and sometimes at the detriment of the stomach. As for touch – well, I didn’t too too much touching except for my wife —it was our honeymoon!

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: Nami Resort, Boracay, Philippines
Everything that a hotel should be: exclusive, private, top-notch service. The hotel is built into and perched on clifffs above Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island. Nami means “butler” and every guest is assigned their own to pamper and cater to their every whim. Everything about this place screams luxury: the intimacy of the resort, the amazing views in the rooms – including a balcony Jacuzzi fit for two, which your Nami will have prepared for you after a full day on the beach or excursion off the resort, complete with candles and flowers and a complimentary 1-hour Swedish massage for every two nights you stay. Nami was the best!

3. My Must-haves On Any Flight Are: I’m relatively easy with regards to what I need: an iPad stocked with movies, books and custom music playlists, my iPhone with latest translator apps, my backpack with a sandwich and snacks, water, my Bose headphones and easy access to my Chase bank card since a wine or Bombay Saphire & Tonic does a body good on long flights.

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: Tourists who refuse to adopt to the culture of the city they are visiting, and who make little-to-no effort to relate to the culture or people. It’s particularly aggravating and embarrassing when they are American.

5. My Dream Destination Or Vacation: To spend a month in Africa. There’s so much there that I’d like to see, first and foremost Egypt—the pyramids and the sphinx, the Abu Simbel temple, The Karnak temple near Luxor, and a cruise down the Nil river between Luxor and Assuan. I’d also love to get around to Tanzania to see the animals in the Serengeti park, and experiencing the Nightlife on the Djemaa Elfna square, Morocco has always been a dream.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without:  In addition to my wife and two kids— aCamera, iPhone (and charger), my passport.

7. Top Lesson I’ve Learned While Travelling: Knowledge is power. Educate yourself on the culture, customs, and some of the language of the region you’re traveling to, and keep an open-mind. You’ll be surprised how warm and receptive people will be to you if you put in a little bit of effort to meet them halfway.
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