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The Travel Seven: Danai Gurira

She has one of those “faces” that you want to recognize, and now that she’s slaying audiences (not literally) with her role as post-apocalyptic heroine Michonne in AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’re sure that Zimbabwean beauty Danai Gurira will definitely turn more heads on screen and on the road while traveling. Get inside her travel style with her take on The Travel Seven below.

Name: Danai Gurira
Homebase: New York, NY
Occupation: Actress/Playwright
Website: IMDB Profile
Passport Stamps: A lot!

1.My Best Travel Memory So Far: When two of my best friends married in 2010, I went to college with her and I grew up with him in Zimbabwe. I introduced them and they got married, that was awesome but her mother’s family happens to be from this beautiful Southern French town called Bugarach near Bordeaux. All of my friends who I’ve been buddies with since kids—we all grew up in Zimbabwe together—got a huge chateau in the South of France that we all stayed in for about a week and vacationed. The couple’s honeymoon was to stay with friends and family during that time, it was stunning.

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: The Queen Victoria in Cape Town, it was just the most amazing place I’d ever been. I’ve been to a lot of “chi-chi” hotels in the ‘States but that hotel was just stunning, from the way the rooms were designed to the fluffy the robes to the delicious breakfast. It was right on the port, and it surpasses any place I’ve ever stayed in the ‘States.

3. My Must-Haves On Any Flight Are:  I must have my Walking Company socks, they’re very warm and I get very cold on flights. If my feet get cold, I can’t function or sleep. I have to have my warm hoodie to cover my bald head, which I’ve lost and must replace and upsets me deeply!

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: When it’s assumed I’m not going to first class and people step in front of me when I’m in the priority line.

5. My Dream Destination Or Vacation: I want to go to Greece, I don’t know why, but I do. I definitely want to go to these places on the African coastline that I’ve lived near all of my life but have never been to, like Mozambique, Mauritius, which is like the Hawaii of Southern Africa, and Zanzibar. One of my friends might get married in those places, so I’m excited.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: See, no. 3 and my own bottle of water because the flight attendants never give you enough.

7. Top Lesson Learned While Traveling: Don’t forget your must-haves and get to the airport early!

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