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Tokyo’s Masturbation Bar, Yes This is a Real Thing

My friends often laugh at me when I chat up the benefits of self-love but I really do believe that sex and masturbation are good and healthy ways to keep yourself happy and relaxed. Looks like I’m not alone. A masturbation bar opened in Tokyo over the summer and it’s called Love Joule. From the New York Daily News:

Love Joule, a “love and sex bar dedicated to women,” aims to foster a comfortable atmosphere in which ladies can “openly discuss masturbation,” perhaps with the help of a cocktail or two.

“Since most people view female masturbation as something of a mystery or taboo, it is not a usual topic at typical bars,” said owner Megumi Nakagawa, according to the Tokyo Reporter.

Behind the bar at Love Joule is a bright display of candy-colored vibrators and lubricants. There’s also a selection of champagne and liquor bottles.

The bar, which opened in July in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, is off limits to men, unless accompanied by a woman.

How awesome is this?! You mean, if I was in a different country I could get a bourbon and talk about masturbation techniques? Stop. It. I’m looking for a plane ticket asap and googling something like this in America. Amidst the legacy of HBO’s sex documentary series Real Sex” there has to be something like this in the States somewhere.


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