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The Travel Seven: Fiona Hecksher

Name: Fiona “fifipommes” Hecksher
Homebase(s): London, UK / Lagos, Nigeria
Occupation: Writer/Director/Producer
Passport Stamps: Blessed with too many to name cities! China, South Africa, USA, Ghana, Ireland, Colombia, Brasil, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, India and the list goes on..

1.My Best Travel Memory So Far: The four months I spent in 2007 with my younger sister in Colombia. The country is stunning and vastly different from the north to south and my sister and I learned that despite epic verbal smackdowns, we really do love each other. Thank God we were living next door to one another and not in the same apartment.

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: The Four Seasons George V, in Paris. The hotel is simply stunning. I think I could probably live comfortably in the bathroom!
3. My Must-Haves On Any Flight Are: Socks, moisturizer, a good book, Socks, in-flight movies, music and SOCKS!
4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: Bitchy airline staff that can’t spell “customer service” and tourists that make no attempt to absorb a little culture. Screaming your question in English doesn’t help anyone understand you better. Buy an English to Whatever dictionary or jog on!
5. My Dream Destination Or Vacation: Photos of Fiji have me dreaming of myself lying on some gorgeous sand, surrounded by crystal clear water. I also recently saw a picture of the Molokini crater in Hawaii and have decided that I must, MUST go diving there.
6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: My phone, laptop or iPad and my moisturizer, if I don’t have it, it feels like I’m naked.
7. Top Lesson Learned While Traveling: Buy travel health insurance—better safe than sorry, as my lil’ sister learned in Colombia.
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