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The Travel Seven: Manny Norte

As we prepare for our upcoming travel season we thought that we’d connect with some of the world’s most frequent fliers for their take on travel culture, cool tips and interesting places to visit. Seven questions, seven ways to be inspired for your next journey. Meet the newest member of the Parlour Travel Seven: London-based DJ Manny Norte.

Name: Manny Norte
City: London, United Kingdom
Occupation: DJ
Web site: www.mannynorte.com
Passport Stamps: Pisa (Italy), Geneva, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Ghana, Nigeria, Sweden, Norway, Dubai, Bahrain Johannesburg, Egypt, Cyprus, Ibiza, Mallorca (to name a few)

1. My Best Travel Memory So Far: Probably Malaysia, the people, food, scene, ravers and the country were all wicked!
2. Favorite Hotel and Why: The Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. It had everything, including shops, restaurants, a gym, an amusement park, water slides. The space was big, the service was excellent and the weather helped too!
3. My Must Haves on any Flight are: Good food, good selection of films, the right wildlife programs and pretty air hostesses!
4. When on the Road, I Absolutely Hate: When the equipment isn’t right or it is not being looked after properly when I’m out for a gig. And, in certain countries, when smoking is still allowed in the clubs.
5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: The Dominican Republic.
6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: Laptop, headphones and a hoodie for the flight.
7. Top Lesson I’ve Learned While Traveling: Not everyone speaks English so don’t expect them to!
Already on your second or third passport? Join the Travel Seven and submit your answers today to travel@parlourmagazine.com—if we like them we will post on here on Parlour!

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