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Surfing and Shipwrecks in Barbados: Must-See Beaches

While a main function of vacationing is often relaxing, some people like to stay active by climbing atop a surf board. If that’s your travel fancy, then make sure to explore Barbados’s Batts Rock, Bathsheba and Tropicana beaches while you’re in town for the Food, Wine and Rum Festival. And if you’re more interested in sunken treasures, then the Carlisle Bay Marine Park might be more your speed.

Batts Rock
Though this tranquil beach boasts calm shores most of the year, but November to March the waters at Batts Rock swell and it’s a great surfing spot. Popular with students, the beach also has a grassy area for picnics and trees to shade visitors from the warm island sun. And if you forgot to bring drinks, there’s a soda machine on the premises to save your picnic.

 According to our Bajan surfing experts and fabulous tour guides, Bathsheba is the best place to surf on the island. And while we were scouting these destinations for your in September, there were quite a few riders on the waves at this spot. In addition, there’s a restaurant nearby to grab a bite after you conquer the breaks.

Tropicana beach is also known as “Rum Reef” and features more surfing for the locals. It’s located near a fish market called Weston’s and the area is pretty quiet so you can take your friends and swim or just watch others get on their boards if you like.

Carlisle Bay Marine Park, St. Michael 
If you’re like me, anything that sounds like Pirates of the Carribean or The Goonies excites you and Barbados has a bunch of famous shipwrecks of its own in Carlisle Bay Marine Park. Located in St. Michael,  there are six shipwrecks for diving tourists and visitors to check out and the Bajan Queen and Berwyn are the favorites. You can sign up for a snorkeling experience, which includes turtles — these sea creatures are very cool, I swam with some last year and it rocked — here and call (246) 434-5764 to reserve a spot.


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