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The Travel Seven: Isis Arias

Name: Isis Arias
Occupation: Brand Marketing Muse & Event Fairy
Website/Links: Isis Arias
Passport Stamps: Ireland, France, England, Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, and a ton of Caribbean islands including Jamaica, Aruba and Barbados.

1. My Best Travel Memory So Far: Definitely riding through the Samar province in the Philippines with 6 of my family members on a put-put. Its like a motorcycle with a sidecar thing. My grandpa rode in front with my mom and brother, my cousin and I on the back, and my granduncle rode on the back of the bike!

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: Domestically—The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas totally won me over. Its a fly, artsy boutique hotel amongst the insanity of Vegas so you have a pocket to hide out in on the strip. Great location and they have everything from lounges with great drinks, amazing food and one of the best nightlife clubs, Marquee is right downstairs. Plus, depending on what side you stay on, you don’t have to walk through a smoky casino like on other properties.
Internationally—Gaia Hotel & Reserve was amazing in Costa Rica. Small luxury boutique hotel with great hospitality – the owner was from New York! Their staff was amazing, catered to all of our needs, and while it wasn’t beachfront, we had amazing views and a great room thanks to a sweet upgrade.

3. My Must-Haves On Any Flight Are: A sweater/jacket or scarf – I’m always cold while flying, and a hat or hood to go over my eyes, I tend to knock out on moving items! I also pack my Molami headphones – they’re uber pretty and help drown out noise. My iPad definitely comes for reading and movies especially on long-leg flights. Lypsyl Chapstick and LipGloss is a definite, and I always have mini Malin+Goetz or Bliss Body Butter lotion. Nothing like waking up on a flight chapped and ashy due to dry air quality.

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: Screaming Children. And non-helpful or rude airline (or bus or train) people. What ever happened to customer service?

5. My Dream Destination Or Vacation: The South of France, Capri, Italy and the Grecian Islands. A vacay with some time in all three would be grand !

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: A pair of good sunglasses. Sneakers/Sandals to walk around and discover new cities. My MacBook Air comes with me every time I travel, even when I’m not working – I always stay connected and its great to have to look up things in new cities!

7. Top Lesson Learned While Traveling: Learn basic manners and simple phrases in whatever language of the country you are going to: Hello, How Are You, I would like, Please, Thank You, How Much, Where is the Bathroom, Do You Speak English, etc? It will definitely be helpful and people will respond easier when you are polite.

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