US Re-Elects President Obama, Here are Our Action Items

Morning ladies,

Here in America we’ve got President Barack Obama for another four years. I’m thrilled … and exhausted. Still, thanks to our sitting duck president, I don’t feel anxious about whether Roe vs. Wade will be overturned or that ignorant AARP-age men will have power over what I, and other women, do with our vaginas. I’m not fearful that tax cutting tactics will drive the economy, and my pocketbook, into a deeper recession and I’m hopeful that the wars will continue to end.

However, excitement aside, here are a few things I plan to be active around during Obama’s next four years:

– Reducing America’s prison population and releasing the accompanying industrial complex. Louisiana’s incarceration record is a fool and unacceptable.

– Fighting for women’s rights in Texas, Arizona and other states where women’s healthcare and providers like Planned Parenthood is under attack. Seriously, Mississippi, one health clinic won’t make your state melt.

– Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize marijuana for persons over 21 who would like to partake recreationally.   Dude, I already love Seattle but this makes me want to hop on a plane immediately. Let’s make this a trend across others states, how about New York for a start? Maybe forget the whole medicinal thing in California and just admit to ourselves that a good number of people are scamming prescriptions?

– Early voting across the country. The lines to vote this year were record-breaking and people really had to stick to their guns to cast their ballots, sometimes in the winter cold for hours. This shouldn’t be, not in America. We’ve been at this general election thing for some time and that shouldn’t make the process more difficult, quite the opposite. Someone hand me a petition demanding early voting in New York state and nationally, my pen is ready.

What issues are you passionate about moving forward? Share below!

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