Women Behind the Boards: Meet Jack Davey

For every male music producer that becomes a household name, there is a female counterpart who deserves the same notoriety. Despite producers like Patrice Rushen and Missy Elliott who are recognized as musical pioneers, others like Angela Winbush and KING who are just as adept behind the boards are still wholly underrepresented in media and on the Billboard charts. In recent years however, women producers have made folks sit up and take notice. No longer willing to bide their time waiting for major label backing, these musical architects are taking matters into their own hands by creating and releasing music on their own terms. This class of fearless women, including Jack Davey, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Gwen Bunn and THEESatisfaction, know exactly what they want. Parlour reached out to discover how these ladies began, what they’ve learned and how they exist in the music industry. Look out for a fresh installment over the next few weeks!

Jack Davey

As one half of Cali-based duo J*Davey, Jack Davey has earned scores of fans around the world as the kick ass voice of the group. Though we’re all used to seeing her dominate the stage with electrifying vocal energy, Ms. Jack is taking matters into her own hands with her three-part solo EP. The first installment, Lo F! Side A, dropped in October and provides listeners with a much different side of her than they may be accustomed to. The five-track release also marks the first time that Jack has released music that she alone wrote and produced. The second part, Lo F! Side B, was released on November 6 and features production from boyfriend Joey Tripper of The Knux. The final installment L0-F! D’Lux, due out December 11,  is a deluxe version containing songs from both A and B, in addition to three new songs. Not bad at all for a new mom who stole a few moments to record an entire project inside of her walk-in closet whenever her newborn son, Tripper, was asleep.

Parlour: What instruments do you play and when did you start?
Jack Davey: I play guitar. I really started taking it seriously while we [J*Davey] were recording New Designer Drug. My boyfriend’s also a guitar player, so he helped me get better.

Would you or have you produced for other artists?
I’ve done tracks here and there but I never had to produce because I’ve had a great producer in Brook [D’Leau]. This was my first time actually programming. I’ve got a lot more to learn but I’d love to produce more.

Is there a new increase in female producers, or is it just a matter of these women gaining more visibility on the Internet?
Women have been making music for decades, so it’s visibility. I don’t know why they’re not more popular or heard on the radio but I’m glad these artists are getting out there.

What are your creative influences?
Becoming a mother has impacted my drive and work ethic. This is music I’ve wanted to make for years but motherhood inspired me to act on it. Giving birth lets you know that there’s nothing you cannot accomplish.

Her Sound: A little bit gritty, a little bit sultry and a whole lotta rock and roll. Check out “Howl at the Moon” below:

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