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Dodging Danger Abroad: One Woman’s Survival Story

I’m known amongst my friends for sometimes getting belligerent in situations like this but I remained calm, which was hard. I wanted to curse him out, push him off the jet ski and speed off. That scenario played out perfectly in my mind, but in real life, keeping my cool got me back to the beach and my friends safely.

However, the harassment didn’t stop. He tried to get me on the jet ski the next day and had the nerve to tell me that I told him that I’d go for another ride. Blank motherfucking stare. After I declined, he then declared that he and his partner would take my friends and I to Oistin’s, because it was ‘best to be shown the island by a native.’ No, thanks. And of course, he asked again repeatedly whether I was really married or not and then tried to guilt me because I’d ‘broken his heart.’ Mmmkay.

Eventually, a miracle occurred. He left me alone for the rest of the trip after two days of stalkeration. Hallelujah.

What kind of arrogant audacity does a man have to possess in order to believe that he could just take me to this abandoned place and tell me to turn around so he could dry hump me or even worse, pull it out? There is no answer to that question but I’m glad I’m safe. Even with good judgment things can sometimes go awry, so keep that in mind for your next girls trip. Female travelers are seen as prime real estate so have fun but be alert and play it safe.

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