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Parlour Jams: DJ Sire’s ‘Summer in Winter’ Art Basel Miami Mix

If you are one of the creative mavens heading down to (or already in) Miami this week for Art Basel Miami aka Art Week Miami, then you know the importance of a good soundtrack. After all, any type of motivation is welcome to keep you hopping from one art fair/brunch/pool party in the day, and well into the TONS of parties and openings happening every night. To help, I got with Miami’s own DJ Sire Esq to give you this smoothed-out “Summer In Winter” Art Basel Miami mix, guaranteed help you ease into your recovery days out and have you refreshed by 6pm. And if you’re ever in the MIA, be sure to check for Sire’s weekly movements but watch out because he will thrown on some Uncle Luke bootyshake and you will dance. Be sure to keep up with our Parlour Instagram to follow all of my Miami madness.

Check out his and get to know Sire while listening. Peep the tracklist below to get the details.

Born and raised?
London & South Florida

How did you start spinning?
Got asked by some friends to DJ at a high school pep rally. Wish I could remember what I played! From there it was on to house parties and I was hooked.

Favorite song to play at the height of the party?
When I get the chance, Uncle Luke’s “I Wanna Rock.”

What did you want to be when you were little?
James Bond.

Who are your DJ idols?
Craze, Atrak, Jrocc, Jazzy Jeff to name a few.

Who is the most interesting person in the world?
Enoch “Nucky” Thompson.

What’s your favorite country to visit?

What’s your favorite saying?
It’s “Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

What piece of clothing do you wear everyday, barring undies?
Bathing trunks. Working on swimming laps for 2013.

What’s the last thing you bought to wear?
Ray Allen’s Miami Heat jersey.

Favorite guilty pleasure?
Strawberry cheesecake.

Favorite movie?
Trading Places.

Five favorite songs right now?
TNGHT “Higher Ground”
Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”
Rhye “The Fall”
J Nics “Unruly”
Steven A Clarke “Not Ready”

What’s your definition of a good day?
Good company, music, bbq, going to a baseball game, shooting some hoops, watching Jeopardy. Any or all of the above

What’s on your mix?
Some feel good hip-hop, r&b and classics done in the style of the Champion Sound mixes I put out with a group of DJs in Miami. Check out www.championsoundmia.com for more.

Parlour X DJ Sire’s “Summer In Winter” Art Basel Miami Mix

William Devaughn- Be Thankful For What You Got
Outkast- Crumblin Erb
Danny Brown – Grow Up
Time Break / Limb by Limb (dj day remix)
Tupac- Do For Love
Q-Tip- Lets Ride
Ghostface ft Method Man, Raekwon- Flowers
Wyclef ft Khadija- Here We Go
Toto- Georgy Porgy
Kanye West- Champion
Consequence- Don’t Forget Em
Tony Tone Toni- Have No Loot
Bamboos ft Aloe Blacc- Where does the Time Go?
Ketchy Shuby- Over My Head
Amy Winehouse- Valerie
The Specials- Message to Rudy
J Nics- Unruly

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