‘Scandal’ Recap: Hopes, Prayers and What the Hells

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope: Why Huck, WHY?!?!

*reporting live from Aruba, aloe rum punch in hand*

After finishing a ridiculously delicious French-fusion dinner at the Screaming Eagle restaurant tonight, I rolled myself back to the Aruba Marriott to catch Scandal in my hotel room. Thankfully, I only missed the first few minutes. A few observations:

  • Kerry Washington is really delivering a believable performance with Olivia Pope, even convincing me that Millie, President Fitz’s wife, who promised to “blow him away” if he kept seeing her, didn’t slap O’ on sight in that waiting room. If you were Millie, complete with raging pregnancy hormones, how long would you wait to stomp O’s neck? Honestly? Even if you did kick off the whole ruination of your marriage by sleeping with that toe-fetish porn star during a season one flashback?
  • The flashbacks were good, and they explain quite a bit concerning Quinn’s mysterious connection to Olivia and the rest of those in the smokey back room. I know O saves Quinn after the wildly rich vote-stealing Southern man kills the seven people in California but I still don’t see the total thread between O and Quinn. Just me?
  • When Olivia tells Fitz she doesn’t want to be his Sally Hemings … and he says she’s playing the race card. LOL! First, that line was deep because people who object to Washington’s character, often cite that she is a jezebel dressed up in modern day Prada. Not a fully developed character but rather a vehicle for a white male’s affection. This is pretty much how many historians view former President Thomas Jefferson’s relationship with his slave and longtime mistress Sally Hemings. And  despite the romantic movies Americans have made about the two’s dealings, according to the New York Times, TJ didn’t even love Sally enough to free her after he died — just their children. So, I see Olivia’s point. I wouldn’t want to be anyone’s Sally either, that shit is so 1862.
  • Cyrus, Millie and Olivia will team up like Voltron and squash that bootsy vice president. She seems like an ice queen and this will not end well for her.

Thoughts, ladies and the gents who love us?

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  • and my most burning question is… how does an aloe rum punch taste and will you recreate it for us back in BK?

  • I need to re-watch the awesomeness that happened last night before commenting. BRB!

  • Toe-fetish porn star? I somehow missed that one.

    And I think the connection to Quinn, and also Olivia’s final decision to leave the white house, was based on that conversation with Cyrus about “heroes” and how he claimed that Quinn taking the fall for the explosion was her fulfilling her duties to America and being a hero. Olivia seemed to be REALLY offended by his comments and you could see that she was making a mental decision to put on her “white hat” and fix this for Quinn. I think she knew they did a really bad thing and wanted to make some kind of amends.

  • Trisha

    I enjoyed the flashbacks too, but I pretty much forgot about them when I found out that Huck was the one who shot Fitz. I didn’t find out right away since I was working late at DISH when the episode aired, but I saw it on my DVR. Scandal is set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four prime time network shows using PrimeTime Anytime, so it was easy for me to watch the show even though I forgot to set a timer. I was shocked when I saw that Huck was the one in the red hoodie. I don’t understand why he would do something like that.