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The Shop: Travel-Sized Vibes

Like to travel? Like to have safe sex? Like to have safe sex while you travel? If any of the above questions yielded an immediate ‘yes’ then read on.

Frequent travelers will tell you that the key to a good trip is to bring a few items from home to make your lodging more comfortable. For me, that means a Voluspa candle and Howard U shorts and all of my favorite grooming/body products in travel-sized containers. And for longer trips alone or with your boo—try investing in a travel vibe.

Why? Well why not? Self-sex is great sex and when with someone else, a vibe can make everything more interesting. Add some palm trees and a mini bottle of wine courtesy of your hotel room—it’s a party. Here are nine mini-vibes that are small and discreet enough to tuck into your carry-on or checked bag for a trip that is guaranteed to make you smile:
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1. Little Chroma Vibrator | $125 | Jimmy Jane

2. Drawstring Case | $18 | Jimmy Jane

3. Go-Go Bullet Waterproof Vibrators | $12ea | Good Vibrations

4. Please Liquid Lubricant | 2oz – $8 + single use – $1 | Good Vibrations

5. Kandi Kisses | $59 | Babeland

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6. Iconic Pocket Vibrator | $35 | Jimmy Jane

7. I Rub My Duckie Vibe | $19 | Good Vibrations

8. Pirates Pendant Vibrator | $15 | Good Vibrators

9. Fokuoku 9000 Finger Vibe | $30 | Babeland

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