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Israel Admits to Forced Birth Control Ethiopian Women, We Rethink Our Travel Plans

When I was a teenager, I fell in love with a book: The Return by Sonia Levitin. In it, a fifteen year-old Beta/Falasha Jewish girl named Desta leads her family on a ill-fated journey by foot from Ethiopia to Sudan, to ultimately be flown to Israel in what was known as Operation Moses (and later Operation Solomon), a real-life secretive misson staged by the Sudanese and Israeli governments to aid Ethiopian Jews affected by the famine in 1984, and religious persecution for not being Christian, and thus—not receiving any aid.

In it, Desta sees Israel as the promised land, full of hope, opportunity, education and food. However for many Ethiopian Jewish women, this is truly a dream compared to their life in Israel. Reports of rampant racist attacks on Ethiopian Jews and African immigrants alike are not uncommon, and yesterday it was revealed that for at least the past 10 years—the Israeli government has singled out Ethiopian women to receive shots of Depo-Provera contraceptive shots, which are also known to have vigorous side-effects. According to The National:

“I believe there is a deliberate targeting of these women,” said Hedva Eyal, project coordinator at a women’s rights research group in Haifa.

Ms Eyal and other activists say the birth rate in the Ethiopian community has halved in the past 10 years. Her group is one of six that asked the Israeli health ministry to clarify the use of the drug Depo-Provera among Ethiopians.”

Of course, now that they’ve been called out on a national scale for what looks like the forced sterilization of thousands of women, the Health Ministry has ordered the immediate stop on the practice, a different tune since they’ve long denied that it was even in existence. Pretty hard to argue against it when facts like these remain:

“In 2009, Ms Eyal supervised a study that showed 57 per cent of all Depo-Provera users in Israel were Ethiopian although their community comprised less than 2 per cent of the population.

Medical staff have pressured women to take the contraceptive at Israeli-linked transit centres inside Ethiopia that prepare them for immigration to Israel, according to a report last month by Israel Educational Television.

Eight years ago, the report said, officials at the centres threatened to deny an unspecified number of applicants entry into Israel if they refused the drug.”

Aside from being a cruel punishment, inhumane practice—this also speaks to a larger issue around the value of women’s bodies and Black life in the political spectrum globally. To make a woman choose between living a better life and maintaining the right to bear children is unspeakable. But if you look at it, it’s a sickly brilliant play by the Israeli government to control not only the Black population in Israel, but to limit the socio-political power of this community. Ironically, it’s a total play out of the Hitler handbook to eugenics.

So there you have it. Israel hates our (collective) vagina. And while we can’t tell you to not to visit the country (especially as we had hella fun in Tel Aviv), out of respect and protest for my sisters, you won’t see Israel on my passport stamp for a long time—and the sad thing is, they won’t even care.

above: Three small Operation Solomon refugees, Diplomat Hotel, Israel. Photo by Judie Oron

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  • somebody

    Depo-Provera is the preferred mode of birth control in third world countries, where clinics may be hard to reach, and the husbands discovery of the use of birth control may lead to violence. For this reason, Depo-Provera is much more popular and accepted among Ethiopians, both in Israel and out. Another thing to note is that a single shot of Depo-Provera ensures three months of birth control, and not “sterilization”, as your title claims. Thirdly, birth rates significantly dropping upon immigration from a third-world country to a first world country is entirely expected, and new birth rates should be compared to local birth rates and not Ethiopian birth rates.

  • Israeli yemenite

    Birth control measures are used all over the world to reduce poverty and crime among youth.
    Less children means more resources per child therefore better chance to integrate.
    Women have right to choose when to carry a child and Ethiopian men refuse to wear condoms, so women turn to appropriate alternatives.
    Ethiopians still have much higher birth rate than the average, so as the comment above me stated, its a natural consequence of leaving Africa to a western society.

    Mentioning Hitler is both ignorant and offensive.
    Israel did not “admit” and this is plain lie.

  • kenyetta doyle

    I am not surprised. Isreal has been given the green light by the rest of the world to do what they want. Why invite them to live in the country if you really don’t want them there.

  • Rag Narok

    I like how the Jew attempts to preserve his race and the genetic makeup of his nation, while at the same time promoting ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ in White nations.

  • fed-up

    I am in “complete disgust & awe” at the repugnant moral compass the blood-sucking nation of Israel is. They promote “communistic-multi-cultural & echunistic religous world views” through media & financial control and the world is waking up with hate- Now, let’s look at the narrow minded RACIST ISRAEL and the persecution there of the Christian, Muslim, and now the Beta-Ethiopian Jew. America is getting tired of funding then fighting your wars all in the name of GOD. Having Jewish roots, I want to see you squirm as you so deserve. Read your Zohar, Talmud, and Lesser Keys of Solomon and recite the Torah, lmao…. Scum, and I see you for what you are, sons of the devil

  • nobody

    Really? hmmm? why did the “FEDERAL RESERVE” send $2 trillion to failing foreign central banks per: Bernanke when questioned by Fla. Congressman Grayson and the “oversight commissioner per Fed reserve and still there is no appropriations on those “RESOURCES”? allot of good-will and propserity, ya think? not a good argument considering the “American-Jewish lobby runs the fed… Think of how much food, industrialization, medicines, hosiptals, schools, and charity could be spread vs OIL and WAR harvesting. I am not for racism yet still believing the “true Jew” is God’s chosen think its time to come out and reveal the true agenda$$$

  • Me

    These comments need to be edited. Given the rocky history between Jews and African-Americans in this country it’s more than alarming that Parlour is comfortable allowing comments that reference Jews as “scum” and “sons of the devil” on this site. If you want to publish this article which is full of questionable claims and offensive references (comparing Israelis to Hitler? Really?) that’s one thing, but to condone blatant racism in your comments section is irresponsible at best. If the roles were reversed and African-Americans were referred to as “sons of the devil” in a Jewish-centric magazine I don’t think the editors of Parlour would take kindly to that.

  • Tello

    Sick people like yourself and ‘somebody’ above are always visibly known for what they are!

  • Rena

    No matter how much you try to cover up, a spade will always remain a spade. It is an established and visible fact that Jews are racist and they themselves never denied that fact for once. So what’s your point?

  • Lila with love

    I’m a Jew and I’m black and proud. I don’t thing all Jew should be blamed for the bad people that do those things. Just as Muslims should not be blamed or compared to Husain. Nor gurmens be compared to hitler. Everyone is different, and until I meet a person I try to withhold eny judgment and take into consideration that everyone is human and worth getting to know.

  • Lila again

    Sorry German people, for misspelling your name. 🙁
    Love ya Germany! 😀

  • Wiki
  • BS

    i can’t find news about this anywhere else. is this true or is this just some twisted bull shit?

  • Dr. Bird

    This is a blatant lie ! It is Anti-Israeli and smacks of anti-Semitism !
    Shame on you Parlour.. Ms S. Washington is really dim !