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The Travel Seven: Hillary Crosley

Name: Hillary Crosley
City/Country: Brooklyn, NY & Bay Area, CA
Occupation: Journalist. Host & Producer. Editorial Director & Publisher, ParlourMagazine
Website/Links: Hillary Crosley + Parlour Magazine
Passport Stamps: England, France, Argentina, Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica, Greece, Spain and New Jersey to name a few…

1. My best travel memory so far: I have a few but swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece when I was 20 years old was pretty boss. I hate cold weather and water but that sea felt like a warm bath and I could see to the bottom as fish and giant turtles swam around my feet.

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: The Chamberlain Hotel in Los Angeles, it’s decked out in chevron and has an old Hollywood feel. My room had a sunken living room and a sexy fireplace. I was impressed, and comfortable.

3. My Must-haves on Any Flight Are: My Marc Jacobs USA Tote — I took it to a dry cleaners and had them line it with tougher material and travel-friendly pockets. It’s my favorite because it’s roomy and fits all of my travel junk, which includes noise-cancellation headphones, blanket, journal, one book, British Vogue or US Elle, Inc. magazines and healthy portable snacks, like Trader Joe’s trail mix with toffee or Fuji apples. Plus, I always hear ‘Nice bag’ while I’m out.

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: That silent fart assassin on a plane. Please don’t be that person, go to the bathroom and handle your business. It’s not like the outdoors, I can’t run away.

5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: Cliffs Preserve in Patagonia, Chile. It’s an eco-resort started by a couple of hippies and it is right on the water. This might be the one time I could deal with the cold, the resort has hot tubs built-in along the shoreline! Yo, I’m in.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, Dial bar soap, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. Shannon gave me the BB cream and I’m officially addicted. Damn her.

7. Top Lesson Learned While Traveling: Everyone’s culture is different. Prepare to learn a new take on life and you’ll be alright; get off the plane, train or bus thinking the new people you meet will be like home and you’ll most likely be disappointed. When in Rome or Lagos or Atlanta … you get the idea.

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