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The Travel Seven: Sherry Bitting

Name: Sherry Bitting
City/Country: London, UK
Occupation: Global Communications Consultant, Co-founder of this Lovely Web site
Website/Links: Parlour Magazine, trendwatching, Minha Perspectiva
Passport Stamps: Brasil, South Africa, Honduras, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Canada and many islands in the Caribbean…..

1. My best travel memory so far: I have had some AMAZING travel experiences over the years, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one. However, I would say that one of my favorites was going to Brasil in the Spring of 2010 with my parents and my little brother.  This was the first time that we visited the country without my grandmother after her passing, so it represented so many things for me. The night before we were scheduled to head back to the States, I dislocated my knee while dancing in a club in Lapa and ended up staying for another week after my parents and brother returned home. That second week was even more amazing than the first, allowing me to become even closer to my uncle and cousins who took care of me during that time.  I remember having a cerveja at the airport before my flight with my uncle and cousin nearly in tears before I had to leave. It was such an emotional and amazing trip—one that has solidified my commitment to bridging the gap between my family on both sides.

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: To be honest–I’m not a fan of hotels, unless traveling for work.  For holiday, I’d rather rent a house or an apartment any day.  BUT… I’ve had some cool hotel experiences.  I enjoyed the Fire & Ice hotel in Johannesburg. Great service, cool decor and a nice lounge.  The beds at The Standard are to die for, and while the decor is not so hot, the attentiveness of the staff at the Movenpick in Istanbul is definitely one to note.

3. My Must-haves On Any Flight Are: An aisle or window seat (never the middle!), far away from the bathrooms, attentive, pleasant staff and a decent vegetarian menu.

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: Traveling with people who don’t have an open mind.  It sort of defeats the purpose.

5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: Bali, Indonesia

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: 1) My headphones and a battery-charged iPod, 2) lotion and lip gloss, and 3) Magazines: Vanity Fair, Monocle and The Economist.

7. Top Lesson Learned While Traveling: Smiling and nodding go a long way when you don’t speak the local language, but be careful of what you’re nodding to!  Trust your instincts as much as possible.  Even if you don’t know what’s being said around you, people speak a common language all over the world, so you can generally tell when something is cool or when it’s funky. Follow that and everything will be a-okay.

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