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The Travel Seven: Jaime Burnell

Name: Jaime Burnell
City/Country: London, UK
Occupation: Political risk and security consultant/writer and occasional travel writer/photographer
Website/Links: Parlour’s Passport section, watch this space!
Passport Stamps: I’ve lost count but last one was 65 countries + currently running two passports so if one is off at the visa office, I can still go away!

1. My best travel memory so far: Don’t do this to me! Too many, but we’ll go with climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka at sunrise.

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: When I lived in Singapore I spent way too much time visiting the Fullerton Hotel, which is without question the most stunning place in the city with the most fantastic views. The delicious cocktails are just a bonus.

3. My Must-haves On Any Flight Are: Extra water, headphones and a good back story. If I have to sit next to someone for 12 hours I am often to be found telling them I am a concert pianist or dog masseuse just for fun.

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: I hate to stereotype but the Americans who think the world still revolves around them. Like the lady at Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro going nuts that she couldn’t use US dollars and demanding why not as it is ‘the worlds best currency!’ Also people who sneer at others staying in hotels, saying you get the best local experience in hostels. You know who are in hostels? Other backpackers!

5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: Mozambique. I lived in Kenya for a short time and have done long stints in South Africa with family but never made it to Mozambique and have heard nothing but amazing things.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: Books, books and more books. My Kindle is a lifesaver as I read super fast and was always left re-reading the in-flight magazine three times over. Good hand cream as flights suck out moisture and a camera though I’ve resolved to take fewer pictures and just enjoy the view in 2013.

7. Top lesson learned While traveling: Everyone, without exception, wants the same thing. Politicians and TV news sometimes put us into boxes but I guarantee whether in Algeria, Indonesia, Switzerland or London everyone just wants to be safe, warm and dry and feed their family. Never turn your nose up at local food, which is the best introduction to another culture. If I can eat chicken feet with hair still sprouting at a Singaporean wedding, so can you.

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