3 Workout Apps That Will Save Your Life, and Your Purse Strings

If you need proof that we are in the home stretch of the post-holiday season, just check your inbox. I bet it’s filled with gym membership deals and yoga classes. Couple those digital deals with last year’s guilt over not getting in shape for your 2012 New Year’s resolution and you might fall victim to the pocket pirates. But before you waste your happy hour money on a workout contract that will be forgotten about by February — that’s today ladies, I know, it’s crazy — remember that we’re in the age of ‘there’s an app for that.’ In 2013, there is no need for a pricey club membership when, if you’re really dedicated, you can manage your own exercise schedule all by yourself. Here are my top three exercise apps for you and your fiscally responsible fitness quest.

The 2nd Runner Up

The Daily Workout App

If quick and simple workouts are your thing, then try Daniel Miller Daily Workouts. Ranging from five to seven minutes each, the workouts focus on specific body areas like abs or legs and combining a few of these free workouts serves as a great replacement for a costly three month gym membership. With basic drills like squats and crunches done on the video to show you proper form and a timer to lead you along the way, this app is your perfect gym partner because it never flakes!

Cost: (Totally) Free

The 1st Runner Up


Like the Daily Workout App, FitnessClass is cool because it streams exercise videos for you to preview and purchase. This app is unique but I relegated it to first runner up because of the cost.  At $2 to $4 for a 30 day pass, the FitnessClass options probably offer the same variety as your local gym but you never have to leave your home. Though it is not free like the aforementioned competitor on this list, the gas money you save by working out at home in exchange for their kick-ass kickboxing class is a fair exchange.

Cost: (Mostly) Free. The app is free to download but whole classes range for $2 to $4 for a monthly access.


Nike Training Club

Don’t feel bad about having seconds during dinner because the Nike Training Club app has you covered! One of the main reasons I assume so many women give up on the gym is they rarely know what exercises to execute and paying for a personal trainer is just too expensive. But the Nike Training Club app supplies your own personal trainer with 114 custom built workouts and over 100 drills that you can do in your living room, a hotel room or wherever you might be. In addition to sweat party you’ll have during the 30-45 minute workouts but this app takes the cake thanks to the comprehensive audio guidance doled out during the workouts aas well as the corresponding video demonstrations attached to every drill. Plus, Nike Training Club has cool features like reward bonuses that allow you to utilize other workouts from famous fitness and yoga trainers and you can set your own music while working out!

Cost: (Totally!!) Free