The Valentine’s Day Guide to Loving Team YOU! Beyonce Approves.

Don’t hide under the covers or gobble your way to the bottom of that ice cream carton this Valentine’s Day, ladies. This love fest is for foxy Parlouristas like you and you’re going on a hot date, with yourself! Prepare to get dizzy from romantic gestures sent by your number one fan, Team YOU. So set your DVR to record “You’ve Got Mail,” or whatever sappy romantic comedy you were planning to watch for the hundredth time, and grab your best purse, girl — you’re going out! But first, work hard not to punch the canoodling couples you see on the street. They will be plentiful and annoying, this is not their fault. Blame commercialized holidays like today but you have a retaliation team and it’s called Team YOU.

Start the day off right with something savory and delicious — an omelet or some french toast, perhaps? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to detox and burn those calories tomorrow. The only exception to this is if you had the foresight to take the day off and are headed to the spa. Massages, facials manis, and pedis are all acceptable ways to spend your time today. If that’s your plan, grab some green juice and be on your way.

Don’t fret if you’re headed to work, because you’re planning to take it easy. It should be like you’re not even there. Your real job today is to work on you. Executive Coach Karen Elizaga suggests that you, “Write down the many things that you love and appreciate about yourself and your values.”

While you’re at it, create a list of personal affirmations and mantras that will help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. “Scientific evidence suggests that we can only have a single conscious thought at a time. So if you have a loving and nurturing thought about yourself at any given point, there is no room for negative thoughts,” says Elizaga. Both are great ways to stave off the Valentine’s blues and keep you looking busy at your desk.

If all else fails, take it to the Internet. Spend some time mindlessly pinning the day away on Pinterest or spreading love by sending e-Valentine’s to your single friends and family. Warning — staying late or stressing is strictly prohibited today.

In fact, go ahead and take an early lunch or feign ill, or if you can, hit the streets. Make a beeline for that posh new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try that will be impossible to get into later in the evening. Valentine’s Day is not a salad day, so don’t even think about it. You know you want carbs. It’s okay, get your life because today is about you, sexy. And while you’re at it, order the champagne, after all this is a celebration of your fabulousness, and that deserves bubbles.

Before heading home, be sure to grab some vino and stop by the florist to purchase a big-ass obnoxious bouquet, the largest you can afford. If you’re not already in the habit of buying flowers for yourself, consider today a make-up for that travesty and promise to do better in the future. There’s nothing like the aesthetic of nature to perk up your space, and it also works wonders when you’re in a funk—not that you have that problem. Because today you are the Queen Bey of your own life and we all know who runs the world.

In preparation for your big night, we suggest popping the cork on your wine and take a swig before enjoying a quick shower or luxuriating in the bath with another glass of vino. It’s never enough, believe us. Then throw on some sexy sweats, some teeth whitening strips and make a dash to the mall to raid the make-up counter for a free makeover and a new push-up bra to boost the girls to the high heavens (they’ll thank you later). Back at the house reach for that cute sparkly thing that you’ve been waiting for a special occasion to wear, for that shindig is tonight. Your face is beat, so curl your hair, put on those stilettos and get ready to rock out at the club or lounge party of your choice where you will then take the night.

Don’t forget to commemorate the moment and Instagram us so that we know it’s real. These are but a few of the ways to you can love on yourself, not just on Valentine’s Day, but anytime.

“At the end of it all, it’s just a day,” says Elizaga. “The important thing to remember is to have gratitude; remind yourself of all that you have to be grateful for.”

No excuse or holiday is ever needed to celebrate your fabulousness.

Here are more hot date suggestions to celebrate Team YOU:

  • Plan a champagne brunch date with your girls
  • Unleash your passion on a canvas when you take an art class
  • Take a weekend stay-cation
  • Have a solo spa-night using homemade remedies
  • Throw a dinner party with friends, strawberries and champagne included
  • Hit a pilates, yoga, or kickboxing studio to release some energy
  • Attend a concert with friends

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