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The Weekend Power Trip: A 10-Step Guide

above: Grand Cayman. Saturday. 11:30am

Last weekend I woke up at 5am, threw on some leggings, my Ninjas hoodie and a pair of black Uggs (don’t judge me) and jetted to the airport. Two Monocle mags and a Spotify playlist later? I’m on the beach with a margarita in Grand Cayman for a little over twenty four hours of sun, food, drinks and girltalk. By Sunday night I was back in my own bed in Brooklyn, relaxed and happy with a tan. Because when you work forty-plus hour weeks, your weekend downtime is serious. And sometimes all you need is some sand, sun and an optional jet-ski ride to reset. This is what my travel buddy Nakia and I have dubbed the ’30 Hour Beach Power’ trip, but you can trade it for snow too. It’s cheaper than therapy and easier than you think:


1. Know Your Destination
The trick to a successful power trip is to know where you are going as soon as you get off the plane. Research your hotel’s distance from the airport, because you don’t want to spend an hour en route right? Make a list of hot restaurants to try and look up any festivals and attractions in your area so you can maximize your experience without wasting time trying to figure out “what to do” when you get there.

2. Plan For Monday
When you arrive back on Sunday night, you really won’t feel like figuring out what to wear the next day, etc. So do it on Friday night before you leave. Straighten up your place, etc—when you get home, all you’ll need to do is sleep.

3. Remember the 4 Hour Rule
If your flight is more than four hours—it’s not worth it. Because if your flight is delayed, you’ll spend valuable time in the airport.

4. First To Arrive, Last To Leave
Aim to get on the first direct flight to your destination, and go for the latest flight to return home without having to fly overnight. Don’t worry about check-in/check-out times, we’ve got you below.

5. Splurge—If You Can
You’re going to be there for one night, make it count. Upgrade your room, or stay at that five-star hotel that you’ve read about, especially if you are splitting the room charge with someone.


6. Absolutely Do NOT Eat In Your Hotel
Again you have one night, so unless you are staying in for good reason, venture out to see what your destination has to offer and avoid those crazy surcharges that come with room service.

7. Take It Easy
Remember, you are there to relax and recharge. You don’t have to do everything, see everybody or drink every cocktail. Besides, a hangover is not the best way to remember your fun weekend.

8. Don’t Check Email
Just don’t. It’s not worth it and it can definitely wait until Monday. But do take a #selfie and stunt on Twitter/Instagram—you made it, you deserve it.

9. Checkout Late
If you are traveling during a low-season, chances are you will be able to get a late checkout with ease. But don’t be greedy—if your checkout is at 12pm, ask for a 2-hour extension. Anything beyond that may incur a charge. This way, you can spend more time on the sand.

10. Pack Your Go Bag Early
Before you hit the sand on Sunday, pack your bag and have your plane clothes handy. If you’ve extended your checkout, all you simply need to do is wait until the last minute and check-out and secure your bag with the bellman—then go back to the beach until it’s time to go. When you are ready to leave, just hit the lobby bathroom for a quick change and you’re good.

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