Video Passport: Mary J. Blige’s ‘Everything’ Makes Hawaii’s Kauai Real

Blame it on my Video Soul, Video Music Box and Yo MTV Raps upbringing, but when I’m thinking of a new place to travel to, I’ll often refer to a music video and then go from there. One clip that has always stuck with me is the Hype Williams directed clip for Mary J Blige’s 1997 single “Everything,” shot on location in Hawaii. Aside from the fact that she kinda looks like King Xerxes in The 300, Mary is blending South Asia style against the lush jungles, cliffs and black sand beaches of Kauai—a destination on the list for this year. In relation to the rest of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is more rural, with some locations only accessible by sea or air—which is probably why it’s known as the “Garden Isle.” No matter what, I’m definitely planning on reenacting some MJB scenes—sans the dark brown lipstick. Peep the video below and tell us some video-inspired destinations on your travel agenda in the comments.

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