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Chinua Achebe, Beyoncé and LL Cool J: Parlouroids!

This week in Parlouroids … Things Fall Apart author Chinua Achebe passed away on Friday, he was 82.

Beyoncé‘s new song (single?) Bow Down/ I Been On” earned mixed feelings of anger and confusion from fans, feminists and people who just needed something to talk about for a few Innanet scrolls. Jada Pinkett-Smith challenged her Facebook followers by asking ‘Will there ever be a day in which women will be able to see each other beyond race, class, and culture?’ and uploaded two unlikely magazine covers.

During the final days of SXSW in Austin, Texas, Erykah Badu performed, actors Nate Parker (Red Tails) and Jesse Williams hung out, and Pharrell Williams, Solange, and Usher were too cool.

In more music news, LL Cool J dropped the song “We Came To Party” featuring Snoop Dogg, (or is it Snoop Lion?). LL also announced his Kings Of The Mic tour with Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and De La Soul, kicking off on May 23 in Tuscon, Arizona. Back in Beverly Hills, California, Leona Lewis attended the Theodora and Callum cocktail party. Michelle Williams attended a press conference for Fela! Overseas in Wales, graffiti artists transformed an abandoned luxury liner into a giant art canvas.

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