Passport Barbados: Let The Fun Begin!


Over the last three years, we’ve fallen in love with the one place we seems to run back to, the island of Barbados. We’ve stayed at the top properties, chilled with the coolest locals, partied at all of the clubs and recovered at all of the beaches the morning after. From flirting with surfers on the east coast to toasting with top chefs on the west coast, the Parlour crew does Barbados right.

In 2012, we invited you to experience the Food Wine Rum Festival with us and listened to what you had to say: more Barbados, more of the year. Just in time for Spring 2013, we made moves to give you what you wanted. Aside from fall’s Food Wine Rum Festival, Barbados has something for everyone year-round, and we’ve created the one place to find it all: Passport Barbados.

Passport Barbados is your one stop for all things BIM, from now until the end of the year. From exclusive hotel and travel deals to an insider’s look at island culture, lifestyle and special events like Crop Over and Food Wine Rum, if you are interested in Barbados for 2013 — start here first.

Ready to go? Get started HERE for more Barbados!

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