Travel Bites: Budget Caribbean, Haiti Hotels, Blind Booking Tips & More


Summer is coming, but Caribbean travel is a good idea pretty much anytime of the year. It’s also really expensive if you don’t know where to go. Check out these top budget friendly island destinations. [BT]

Yes! Tt’s ok to travel to Haiti on non-humanitarian terms. And yes, their hotel culture is booming! And yes we are going! [HP]

Is there is one area that NEEDS summertime sun its The Bay. This roundtrip deal from San Francisco to San Juan, Puerto Rico for $311 is not to be taken lightly. [The Flight Deal]

Like sex? Like sex when travelling? Got sex toys in your bag? READ THIS. [TSL]

Do you “blind book” when making travel plans? We typically don’t use Priceline, etc, but if your budget is the decision maker behind your next trip—read this piece first and take out some of the guessing. [NYT]

In Paris, Pigalle was long thought of as a seedy counterpart to midtown Manhattan—a few hipster bars later, it’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn. [WSJ]

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