Cheers to a Great Monday: Tips for Weekend Travelers


Have you taken a fun weekend trip, only to scramble back at work on Monday? Don’t fret. Weekenders can be really challenging and it’s tough to have your life in order by 8 a.m. in the real world, but everyone knows the best water cooler stories follow a great Saturday and Sunday. Besides, a little pre-planning can alleviate much of that stress, so enjoy the following tips aimed at helping you alleviate unnecessary frustration.

Look into the Future
Review  your work calendar for Monday before you leave. Know your schedule so you can properly prepare for next week’s demands. Often when we are in such a rush to start our vacation we don’t take the extra time on Friday to do the little things that can make our return easier.

Who Needs Meetings?
Give yourself the time to collect and start your week organized. Clear your morning meeting schedule for Monday (to the best of your ability) so you can instead use that time to catch up on work left behind on Friday.

Make a Clean Exit
Many times we are so furiously packing for a weekend trip Friday morning that we forget to make our home is in order. There is nothing like coming home to a clean house Sunday night. Since you will be gone during the time many use to clean, you must make up for it. Earlier in the week, use evenings after work to make sure your house is ready for you return on Sunday. Don’t forget to do the last of your dishes Friday morning and take out the trash so you can board your flight with yet another weight lifted.

Get the Worm
Maybe you had to step out of work early on Friday in order to start your weekend. Do not be afraid to go in an hour early to get back on track. Catch up on emails, check voice-mail messages and reclaim your work week. It is really important your boss sees you as someone who can take a break but still be on point so he or she doesn’t develop doubts about your ability to balance.

Monday Preview
Want to know what’s not fun? Coming back from vacation and trying to cram all your week’s prep into a late Sunday night between Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Revenge. This seems like an easy tip but it is easily forgotten. Before you leave know what you are taking for lunch Monday or go grocery shopping for something you can cook and freeze before skipping town. Once you know what you’re eating, lay out what you are wearing so Monday morning feels like a breeze.

Emptying your suitcase seems natural but sometimes this does not happen quickly enough. Do not let your bag sit half unpacked well into the week. Sometimes you need to think like Nike and just do it. The best way to conclude your weekend is by bringing it full circle instead of searching for that pair of earrings well into next week. Hopefully you have followed my one bag challenge and do not have much to unload. *meaningful glance*

Expect the Unexpected
You can do all the pre-planning in the world to ensure yourself an easy week but you must always expect the unexpected.  Anything can happen, from flight delays to a first class upgrade. Be ready. Remember, your stress level is in your control so do not compromise a wonderful weekend by forgetting to pre-plan.

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