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Dating While Traveling: How to Stay Safe in a New City

All the movies say it is necessary, and everyone’s adventurous friends are doing it. While traveling around the globe is beneficial beyond words, it is a task to organize and adding dating to the mix can be a lot to plan. Dating while in a brand new city can be intimidating for many women traveling alone and unsure of what to expect. Enjoy some tips around creating a safe yet fun environment for you and your suitor.

Tip #1: Follow Your Instincts

Time spent in an unfamiliar land requires something along the lines of street smarts or common sense. Between us, I like to think women have a super hybrid of the two by the name of woman’s institution. It is that little tingly feeling cautioning you against walking down that dark alley or alerting you that the mischievous grin from the man across the room is more creepy than sexy. More times than not, we know the right decision to keep ourselves safe but sometimes allow outside influences to challenge our own feeling. Trust yourself. Read body language, pick up social cues, acknowledge when you are not comfortable. All this comes with a major need for mental balance as the last thing you want is to do is go on a date assuming every suitor is trying to make you the next case on Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

Tip #2: Know What You Want and Prepare

A woman with a plan and personal boundaries is a force to reckon when it comes to dating. You might be oversees for a week and in need of a local cutie to accompany you to dinner or possibly overseas for a year and open to finding that someone special you might be open to bringing home with you. Know what you want from your romantic adventures. Sure, you cannot plan every moment but there is no excuse for not having a general picture. If you know you are not interested in getting physical with your foreign sweetie, do not bring him or her back to your hotel. On the other hand, if you have decided you want to get your groove back, or find one in the first place, through an international romp, make sure you have proper protection, both plastic and safety-wise.

Tip #3: Do It in Public

The great thing about tourist hot spots are the array of sight-seeing venues you can use as date locations. Great for day dates and usually filled with nice amounts of people, these surroundings allow you to let your guard down in terms of safety and just enjoy getting to know someone. Walk along the shores of a popular beach for the first few dates instead of anything secluded. A summer in Brazil really ingrained this into me as my date became a bit too possessive for my liking but, because we were in a heavily crowded area, I was able to kindly part ways without much hassle. Use public places get to know your romantic interest and build some energy before spending time alone.

Tip #4: Language Smanguage

You share an intimate glance with a cute server and decide to pay the restaurant a visit the next day. Excited to spark a flirtatious conversation with your new beaux, you realize that you two do not speak the same language, literally. Don’t panic! Language does not need to be a barrier, instead use it as a way to tap into you other senses. We have all played “Charades” or “Pictionary,” well these are the times your skills in these games become useful in real life. If interested in learning the native tongue of the land, a romantic interest can sometimes be the best teacher. Your desire to connect with a cutie may drive you to learn their language quicker than any Rosetta Stone language set.

Tip #5: Mad Money

I have to admit, sometimes my mother’s advice is nothing but gold. Growing up, she always warned me to never go on a date without mad money. Mad money is emergency cash you carry on a date in case things go bananas and you need to split. Obviously stemming from old school values of chivalry, including men paying for dates, mad money is still relevant for many women. This money should be in the form of the country’s cash.

Tip #6: People Watch and Learn

As odd as it sounds when in a new space and environment, it is imperative that you people watch. Observing passersby will allow you to pick up cultural norms. Take note of how couples interact with one another as you will experience different trends in different countries. If you are knowledgeable about how the locals are super expressive when they speak, then you might see your date’s ability to quickly confess feelings as more a cultural difference between the two of you instead of a complete turn off. Or maybe you are really into PDA but your date does not seem to be making the moves, take a second and look to you left and your right. Are any of the other local couples practicing mouth to mouth resuscitation in the middle of the park? It is always a great idea to know your environment.

Tip #7: Do’t Let Travel-Themed Horror Movies to Fuel Your Imagination

Relax and enjoy yourself. Dating abroad is just as fun, safe and dangerous as dating domestically. Please do not use your memories of films like Touristas or Taken to terrify yourself. Sure being in a new space requires you to be a little more on your toes but there is no need for you to alert the authorities if your date scratches their nose twice.

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