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JetBlue Steps Up to First Class


Not to be outdone by Virgin, American, Delta and others who are revamping their premium class service and amenities in the air, JetBlue has announced they are stepping into the first-class arena with their plans to install four “mini suites” as a part of a 16-seat business class section on select transcontinental flights, ie. New York to Los Angeles.

If approved by the FAA, the airline’s new Airbus A321 jets will have the new seats up and running by the beginning of 2014. Says a JetBlue spokesperson to Aviation Week:

“Thirteen years ago JetBlue revolutionized the economy experience and we will do the same with premium transcon. Our new onboard experience will enable us to compete with other airlines’ premium transcon products. While the FAA filing from Airbus contains the technical specifications as part of the certification process, all of the details including the branding and full experience will be revealed later this year.”

But what do you think these seats will cost? JetBlue Vice President of Network Planning Scott Laurence says:

“It’s not about going after corporate clients in New York and having $2,500 fares,”identifying the target market as “people that are paying with their own money.”

Will you be flying the new premium JetBlue? The semi-reliable Direct TV is great and all, but is it enough to make you open your wallet a little more?

Source: WSJ & Aviation Week

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