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My Barbados: DJ Moma


When he’s not controlling the crowd at New York City’s hottest spots, including his own infamous Everyday People Brunch, DJ Moma is jetting in the air to another destination around the globe. We caught up with him to share his point of view on one of his new favorite destinations, Barbados!

My top three Barbados memories are…

1. Running on the beach and dipping in the sea.

2. Eating Flying Fish at Oistin’s Fish Festival in Christ Church.

3. Club hopping in St. Lawrence Gap, where we were able to go to six clubs in one hour, no cover charge, no ID’ing, no lines, no wasted time. Just tearing up dance floor after dance floor. The most amazing 60 minutes of non-stop dancing in my life.

As soon as I arrive in Barbados, I must…
Find my man Sheriff. He’s the local hustle-man near where we were staying in St. James. Within 10 minutes of us arriving, he hooked us up with jet skis, horse back riding, snorkling and other treats. He’s like an American Express Concierge except he’s chilling outside of your villa, on the beach, all day long.

To me, best thing about Barbados is…
The flat, basically 2-to-1 exchange rate, it makes life so easy! Also the fact that it’s PARADISE and not much further from New York than Miami. Miami I am now done with you!

When I leave Barbados, I always bring back…
Memories. I tend to travel light and I’m not big on shopping at all. So yeah, just memories.me.

The next time I go to Barbados, I’m definitely…
Negotiate and haggle more, it’s the culture!

What’s YOUR Barbados? Do you have a particular memory, tip, or think you can out sexy Joel on the beach? We want to hear it! Send in your My Barbados thoughts to travel@parlourmagazine.com today and be sure to join us in Barbados this year for the Food, Wine, Rum Festival in November! Did you see our hotel hookup

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