My Barbados: Chef Mark McEwan


When he’s not serving as head judge on Canada’s Top Chef, managing one of his four restaurants or generally being awesome, you can find celebrity chef Mark McEwan in Barbados cooking fabulous lamb gnocchi and autographing his books during the annual Food Wine Rum Festival. We first met Mark in 2012 on the Tamarind resort’s beach, where he woo’ed us with drinks and water sports so naturally, we had to see what traveling to Barbados means to him. Check out his island favorites below and if you happen to see a solo guy on a paddle board off the Bajan coast, don’t worry, it’s just Mark!

My top three Barbados memories are…

1. Meeting the lovely Parlour ladies from New York over a delicious Mango Colada in St. James!

2. Chef Paul Yellin‘s delicious rum cocktails which seemed to magically appear wherever we went.

3. The olympic feats that our team takes on in the kitchen. We spend the first three days on the island prepping all of our food, sharing cold beers, listening to great music and making fantastic food.

As soon as I arrive in Barbados, I must…
Purchase a pack of Banks beer, there is nothing more refreshing!

To me, best thing about Barbados is…
The people, there is such a chill vibe from the residents of the island. It is always very calming after coming from the hectic, rushed lifestyle in the city. The other thing we talk about year round are the Cutter sandwiches from Cuz!

When I leave Barbados, I always bring back…
Some of their amazing Bajan hot sauce and, of course, a bottle of rum.

The next time I go to Barbados, I’m definitely…
Planning to paddle board around the island! If I am not back before my plane returns to Toronto, don’t worry, I’ll be fine!

What’s YOUR Barbados? Do you have a particular memory, tip, or story about Barbados? We want to hear it! Send in your My Barbados thoughts to travel@parlourmagazine.com today and be sure to join us in Barbados this year for the Food, Wine, Rum Festival in November! Did you see our hotel hookup

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