‘The Best Man Holiday’: The Parlour Review


Where were you when you first watched 1999’s The Best Man? I was with a gang of 18 fellow University of California, Davis students who carpooled to Sacramento’s Arden Fair mall theater to watch Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan and the rest of ensemble cast. I remember thinking several things during the movie as we hooped and hollered, but mostly, ‘How can I get my college jump-off to take a rose petal-filled bath with me, Sanaa?!’ Now, almost fifteen years later The Best Man Holiday is hitting theaters nationwide on Friday, November 15 (see what they did there?), bringing nostalgia and new fans of see a topless Chestnut. I mean, a great story. But seriously, what’s not to like?

I’d love to tell you what The Best Man Holiday is about outside of the usual, ‘When friends gather for the holiday season, there are fights, foibles and feasts along with one big surprise … ‘ (read in movie trailer guy voice). The thing is, I can’t tell you what that big twist will be because I’d ruin the whole movie but I will say that you should pack some tissues in your good purse. You’ll need them and if you can, bring the crew who accompanied you the first time Julian and Candace hooked up; Robyn slapped Harper; Jordan’s hormones were “RAGING;” Shelby called Harper “Richard Wrong, Langston Snooze;” and Quentin told Lance that “karma don’t come back that strong L, baby.”

Meet us there? We’ll be the loud ones shouting at the screen with truffle buttered popcorn, ’cause we’re high class.

Check Fandango for ticket information here: http://bit.ly/1a86l15

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