The Travel Seven: Amina Doherty


Name: Amina Doherty
City/Country: Lagos/London/Antigua/Kingston
Occupation:  Independent Women’s Rights ARTivist, Professional Nomad
Website/Links: Following Her Footsteps
Passport Stamps: 
Antigua, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Dominica, France, Georgia, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon and so many more!

1. My best travel memory so far: Taking homestyle cooking classes in Zanzibar. I learned about the Arabian, Indian, and Persian influences on local cuisine and had a tour of the vegetable, spice, fruit, and fish markets. My actual cooking class involved a lesson from a brother-sister team on how to mix spices, select fish and vegetables, and prepare Zanzibari specialties including Kachambari (a kind of salad), fish pilau, and kaimati (deep fried, donut like and delicious!).

2. Favorite hotel & Why: Casa Umoja in Nungwi, Zanzibar. Casa Umoja is a simple, clean, quiet bed and breakfast on Zanzibar’s north coast. While there are many large (fancy) hotels usually teaming with Italian tourists, Casa Umoja has a much more laid back, relaxed family feel. The rooms are really spacious and the homemade yogurt, chapati and fruit salad for breakfast can’t be beat.

3. My must-haves on any flight are:  A window seat in an emergency exit row (tall girl problems!), a fully charged iPod (a good playlist is everything!), and a comfy pair of socks.

4. When I’m on the road, I absolutely hate:  Loud/inconsiderate travelers.

5. My dream destination or vacation: For years I’ve desperately wanted to go to India. I’m finally going to Delhi this month and welcome any travel tips, advice or recommendations.

6. The three things I can’t travel without: My camera, my little notebook and pen, and a travel candle, it relaxes me and helps me feel ‘at home’ wherever I am.

7. Top lesson learned while traveling: Be flexible, don’t panic—and always have a plan B.

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