Girlfriend Getaway? Five Ways To Get It Right

Traveling to any far destination takes dedicated planning, consideration and research in order to have a great time. But when it comes to a girlfriend getaway, multiple personalities, expectations and budgets can make for the seemingly right things to go left—quick. Avoid any unnecessary drama by abiding by these five simple rules that we’ve learned in our own travels. Overall, keep it simple for the best time with your crew.

1. Edit The List
A year ago while planning a bachelorette getaway for my bestie I asked her about her guest list, which was surprisingly short. Her reply has stuck with me since: “I want people who are about bringing joy. No joy killers.”

When you start to plan the guest list for your next girl trip, editing is key. Forget small personality differences that can generally work themselves out. Take a honest look at who you want to invite and make sure everyone is on the same page. Mix it up a bit too if you want—just no joy killers, needy Nancys or Kenya Moore style drama queens. Don’t feel as if you have to invite everybody, keep it cute and chic for a guaranteed good time.

2. Set The Tone
Are you and your girls looking to reconnect with your inner-selves on a yoga retreat? Is it a single-girl’s turn up in a big city where stilettos are an absolute requirement? Is your chosen long weekend all about doing a little bit of everything or nothing? Before choosing your destination, ask your crew to tell you what their intentions are on your trip. This will help you define when to go, where to stay, hotel style and more. Because if the agenda is to party, staying in a zen-filled spa resort may lead to a few problems.

3. Divide And Conquer
The dates are chosen and the style of the trip has been set. Now it’s time to figure out the details. Where are you staying? Any major events to attend? The benefit of group travel is that you don’t have to be the only one in charge of planning so take advantage of it. Play to your crew’s strengths concerning organization, social networks and more to get the most out of your trip. And after duties are assigned, agree to a set of dates for people to have ideas, confirmations and information locked in. Just remember not to plan every minute of the day, keep everything optional and easy except for key reservations and events that you may want to lock down beforehand.

4. Money Up
In the age of having Pop Money, Paypal and other money sharing apps at our fingertips, there is no reason to still deal with money matters after your trip. Because “I’ll pay you back” can quickly turn into a larger thing and a broken friendship, square up daily if necessary. Keep a daily tally on your phone if you need to. Just don’t bring and money drama home with you.

5. Keep It Simple, Keep It Flexible
So you’ve arrived – great! Now especially is the time to remember why you chose to getaway from it all. Sleep as long as you like, eat when you want to do what works for you—and then extend that courtesy to everyone else. Although you’ve made a few plans before arriving, recognize everyone’s right to have a little me time and skip breakfast or lunch when they want to. This rule especially applies to trips to larger cities and destinations that have an abundance of things to do. Do remember to keep it safe, open and communicative, especially if you plan on making and “new friends” in your destination.

Have more rules to add the list? Holler back in the comments below to share with your fellow travel mavens.

image: Granger Wootz for Getty/Blend Images

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