Keep Your Luggage With You, With Style


Let’s be honest. Depending on the length and purpose of a trip, a carry-on bag will just not do. And while reports of lost or stolen luggage have actually decreased, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take precautions to ensure that your favorite shoes arrive with you, and if they don’t—that you know exactly where in the world they are. Luckily, mobile technology is on our side against the airlines as the past two years have seen the debut of some great tools you can use to keep track of your luggage while on the road, and preserve your sanity.

While there are a good 10 tracker tools and services, two have caught our eye lately after a quick look at design, functionality and reviews: Trackdot and the Calypso Tag.

From the time you pack your Trackdot device (shown above) within your bag until the time you open it when you arrive, it’s working and sending you mobile updates on it’s location. It takes two batteries to work, but as it sleeps while in flight it should still last you through the most complex of itineraries. It’s $90 price tag and $12.99 annual service fee may seem a bit steep, but for the heavy business or personal traveller who is jetting off the beaten path with some treasured souvenirs, Trakdot could end up being a lifesaver. [Info + Shop]


If you’re a) a design snob and b) find yourself flying more popular, non-stop routes (think NYC/LDN) and c) hate what that means at baggage check, the Calypso Tag is yours. These uniquely designed leather tags are equipped with a special tracker that will notify you via a mobile app when it is on the carousel so you can chill while everyone else crowds around the delivery ramp. It also send you an alert should someone try to walk away with your bag. At $99, you definitely are paying for the design but then again you don’t have to worry about battery charge as you do with Trackdot. [Info + Shop]

Also, don’t forget these key tips for keeping your luggage where it belongs…as in with you.

1. Fly non-stop as much as possible
2. Arrive at the airport early
3. Label, label, label it. If you don’t have your own label, use the one supplied by the airport, twice, and stick it on different handles.
4. Know what you packed and keep a copy of your itinerary inside of you bag. If you tags go missing, this is your backup to prove your bag is yours.

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