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Hotel Deal: Standard Hotels Summer Love

As a matter of principle, we try to be as objective as possible when it comes to the hotels we frequent in order to bring you the best content on Parlour. But when it comes to the Standard Hotels that good sense is replaced by our unabashed love for all of the properties, including our favorite—The Standard Spa Miami Beach. It’s how we do Miami without having to deal with…Miami.

Beginning now until September 1st, all of the properties are running a summer deal for up to 30% off per night, that means our favorite Miami hideaway is for as low as $199, Los Angeles is from $189, and the ultra fashionable New York location is $269 per night. Just no elevator fights ok? We’ve seen that before.

Click here to get the details. Remember to use the code ‘Summer’ when you book—and then start packing.

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