Automated Passport Kiosks Are Here

And I don’t know how to feel about that.

But it seems that since announcing in May that automated passport kiosks would start rolling out to major airports in the US, people are pretty excited about it’s intended ease and convenience. So far over 10 airports have implemented the service:

Houston-George Bush
Fort Lauderdale
Dallas-Ft Worth
Miami International
New York-JFK (Terminal 4)
Orlando International
Toronto Pearson
Vancouver International

The folks over at Jaunted have a good breakdown on how to use them, but my inner travel skeptic is raising an eyebrow. Maybe it was because it was a holiday weekend and about 4,593 people and I landed at the same time, or maybe it was because I ended up having to see a passport agent anyway (the kiosk determined that I was not who I said I was and gave me a big fat ‘X’ on my slip) but my experience was less than convenient. Add that to the scores of travel novices, families, elderly, that were trying to navigate the machines without the help of an agent made for some long wait times. Interestingly enough, the entire process seemed like a free alternative to the Global Entry Program and their kiosks—but the lines still abound.

Either way, this is all leading to the inevitable automation of the entire travel process which does make travel easier, but could lead to massive delays in the event the the technology is comprised. I already find myself racing the whole world when I know I have to clear customs, hopefully this gets me to the finish line a bit faster.

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