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Post Vacay Blues: 4 Ways To Deal

We’ve been there. It normally hits in the early afternoon on the first day back in the “real world” after a memorable vacation weekend. Another unread email, more boring co-worker small talk and somebody wants you to do something that you have no interest in doing. It’s called post-vacation depression and while we may joke about it—it’s very real.

So what to do to get over it? In general the feelings of listlessness, exhaustion and overall “eff all of this” wear off in a couple of days, but they’re are ways to keep the happy feelings going while you come back to earth:

1. The Moments and The Music
One of the best things to keep the adventure going is to carry it with you in your playlist. Was there a certain song that brings you back to it all? Use it to get you motivated in the morning. Or make a playlist that reminds you of your whole experience and pull it out then the real world is getting to be too much.

2. Stay Global, Eat Local
Just because you are sitting in an office in Chicago doesn’t mean you can’t go back to Tulum, Paris or Rio whenever you want. Check out your local listings for the best in the cuisine of the culture you just returned from, or grab a friend, google a recipe and return to Thailand in your kitchen for dinner.

3. Unpack Everything…Now.
We’ve said this before but there is nothing worse than a one-week old bag in a corner. Shake the sand off of those caftans, unroll your goods and put your bags away. Not only will you relive bits and pieces of your adventure to boost your spirits, but you are also planting seeds for things to do next. Which leads to…

4. Book Another Trip!
They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else—same goes (well kinda) for great vacations. The best way to get over a great vacation, start planning a new one. Start a Pinterest page for your next adventure, bookmark deals and websites about your next move. Even if you don’t plan on pushing “purchase” soon, having your mind set on the next move just may be your best one to shake off your blues.

Safe Travels Ladies! #TravelFly

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