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Travel Bites: Cinematic Rome, Best WiFi & More

If you watched Oscar winner and international film hit “La Grande Bellezza” (“The Great Beauty”) and added an exploration of Rome to your travel bucket list, the Waldorf Astoria’s Rome Cavalieri property is the place to stay. After checking in, guests can partake in their own guided tour of key destinations featured in the film. Priced at 1,345 euro, you can always make your own way up to the Martini sign and try to reenact Jep’s 65th birthday party with a couple of friends. Best. Move. Scene. Ever. [more info]

If fast and reliable wi-fi is a key factor in your travel planning, sleep at a Red Roof in…in Clearwater Beach, Florida…and make sure to connect through the Detroit Metropolitan airport. Or not. Check out this listing of the top US hotel chains, public beaches and airports with the fastest wifi. [more info]

Even if you have your airline miles game down, the online travel site/agency loyalty programs (think: Hotels.com, Expedia, Priceline, etc) are worth a look too. The Points Guy breaks them all down here.

Before you set out to Chile, journey to Japan or take off for Scotland from the U.S., check out these country-specific stores that can give you a literal taste of what you are about to get yourself info. [more info]

I tried Fodor’s 80 Degrees Beach Vacation match tool (think Buzzfeed Quiz but way more luxurious) and got paired with Negril. Which means this is pretty accurate. Try it!

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