Travel Bites: NOLA’s Second-Lines, Solo Spain & More

Because this is of absolute importance for visiting New Orleans, the 2014-2104 complete Second Line Season schedule is now out. Plan accordingly! [BONOLA]

Seattle or PDX resident? Trade the rain for Bermuda because flights to our island neighbor are on sale for $391 roundtrip. You read that correctly. [TFD]

Inspired by our going solo post? This 7-Day culinary immersion of the flavors of southern Spain is a yummy place to start for only $3,035 for one. Book it and then overdose on olive oil, cheese and jamón. [JS]

Elephant rides in Thailand are almost like a tourist’s rite of passage. And it’s also kind of horrible. [SK]

Think traveling with kids just means Disney vacations? Obviously you’ve never met Anna and Thomas aka the coolest parents ever. [FWB]

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