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Four Last-Minute Valentine’s Weekend Getaways

This Friday will fall on the eve of what is looking to be like one of the most party-centric three-day holiday weekend in years. All Star Weekend in New York. Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Trinidad. And right in the middle of it? Valentine’s Day. Because you need to stop and shower your loved ones with bad candy, stuffed toys and marked-up flowers right? Or you can do it the Parlour way and surprise your honey with a last minute getaway for the long weekend. While the prices vary, all three share a sense of originality and style for a weekend you won’t forget. As long as you don’t kill each other.

Flight prices are based on our home city, New York for non-stop, roundtrip rates. Sample dates are Friday, February 13-16, 2015.

Buenos Aires | Argentina
Flight: $1492 on Aerolinas per person, 11 hours flight time
Hotel: Palermo Place, for $139/night
The perfect city for the couple that is into just about everything and can go with the flow late into the night. In just one day you can start with breakfast pastry, coffee and people watching al fresco, hit a rooftop pool for sun salutations and lunch, break for a quick exploration the city’s vintage and leather boutiques, take in a late afternoon tango show and then dine like royalty on the cheap and discover why Buenos Aires is becoming a new global destination for cuisine. Finish it off with a late night romantic strolls down it’s many small, Euro-looking city streets. And you’ve still got another full day to plan.


New Orleans, Louisiana | USA
Flight: Starting at $612 per person, 6+ hours flight time
Hotel: The International House, from $432/night
A Mardi Gras X Valentine’s Weekend never hurt anyone, the crescent city is a perfect getaway as it’s fairly easy to discover, allows you to go from bacchanal revelry to a peaceful balcony in minutes and indulge in all the butter, sugar, bourbon made foods that make life better. It’s a quirky, sexy city that appreciates the simple things. Because in New Orleans for a couple it boils down to three things: eat, party, have sex. Repeat.

Lake Merritt, Oakland. Image by Marlo Lao via Flickr

Lake Merritt, Oakland. Image by Marlo Lao via Flickr

San Francisco, California | USA
Flight: Starting at $720 per person, 6+ hours flight time
Hotel: Galleria Park, from $199/night
While all the romantic attractions of San Francisco are easy to figure out, use your Union Square hotel as a base to explore neighboring Marin and Oakland for a mix of culture, spontaneity and trademark Bay Area ease. Rent a car and head to the Lake Merritt district of Oakland and take your pick of it’s many restaurants and bar/lounges for easy dinner and cocktails with the locals. Work it all off on each other at the New Parrish for it’s legendary Reggae Gold dancehall party before you head back across the bridge. Super chill, super easy, super Bay.


Old Montreal | From www.thecitysidewalks.com

Montreal, Quebec | Canada
Flight: Starting at $414 per person, 6+ hours flight time
Hotel: Hotel Le Crystal, from $199/night
It’s hard to say “because Paris is out of budget” when describing Montreal but a few hours in the City of Saints will quickly change your mind. This cosmopolitan city boasts plenty of museums, art house cinemas and cafes much like it’s French counterpart for the romantic, and a booming design and music culture for the modern lover. And don’t forget, there’s poutine!

#TravelFly Ladies.

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