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Protect Your Tech: The Best Cases for Travel

What’s better than documenting your next trip with your fancy new smartphone camera? Knowing that your precious apps, guides, maps, contacts and Instagram-stuntable pics are protected against whatever your adventure gives. From humid rains to high dust winds, we rounded up the four best cases that don’t compromise the style for the substance. And as a bonus, they all offer the same protection for your tablet devices. All cases listed are available for Samsung, LG, and Motorola models in addition to the Apple models shown.

1. Naked Tough Case | $35 | by Case Mate
For the minimalist lover, this case let’s your phone’s design come to life and guard against everyday wear/tear. While it’s good enough for most city travel as it protects against drops (it really has helped me avoid heart attacks), definitely switch it out for more robust case (see below) when needed,

2. iGlaze Armour | $40 | By Moshi
The brushed aluminum back allows for great protection against everyday wear and tear and dust. The raised bevel also protects your phone from surface scratches and small dings. Available in 3 colors.

3. Defender Case | $60 | By Otterbox
A step above the iGlaze, Otterbox’s famed shock and screen protection make this the perfect case for the woman who is prone to drops and accidents while on the go. And the ability to customize your case’s colors and choose from a variety of patterns and logos is nice too.

4. frē Case | $72 | By Lifeproof
This case is perfect for the multi-climate traveler whose stories often include “and then I was covered to my knees in mud” or something similar. Proven to guard against water, snow, dirt/sand and everyday drops. Available in 6 colors.

Did we miss any? Tell us your faves in the comments below!

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