Travel Bites: Mint Goes Caribbean, Eating To Travel & More

If your idea of the ultimate travel adventure involves 306 days, 20 countries and all of the local and street cuisine you can stand, we just found your new role models, Gabriella and Nicolas of The Funnelogy. [CNN]

Frequent first class style flier rejoice. Jet Blue will start to offer it’s premier Mint tier service on non-stop flights to the Caribbean starting with Aruba and Barbados from New York in November! [NYTimes]

Everyone has an airport that they loathe (*cough Miami cough*) but have to deal with. But one suburban Chicago resident takes the cake by complaining over 11,000 times about the noise pollution caused by O’Hare International Airport. Which means their Trip Advisor reviews must also be of legend. [USA Today]

Imagine you just board a plane. A seemingly normal woman sits down across from you and proceeds to light up a cigarette and loudly announce that the United States has declared Venezuela a national security threat and that her great hero is Hugo Chavez. While still smoking. What would you do? Film it of course! [Jalopnik]

If you think you have to venture and spend in cities like New York, San Francisco and Miami to indulge your inner culinary snob, think again. Think small and think good. [WSJ]

We’ve been using Google Flights to score some good deals for a while now, and with these new updates where you can see amenities, legroom, wifi and more— it’s slowly becoming our number one. [TPG]

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