Listen to DJ Kwest_on’s Romantic Grooves and Survive Wedding Season


A few weeks ago I was standing in a wedding buffet line when I heard a song so precious I thanked the DJ for playing it because hearing that melody was like reuniting with an old friend. That DJ was Chicago’s Kwest_on and the song was Eric Roberson’s “Find A Way” which I played probably a zillion times over the course of 2007. Since it’s wedding season, I figured I could share one of Kwest_On’s more romantic mixes because the madness that is wedding season is upon us. I don’t know about you but I’ve got, like, 5,200 ceremonies to attend before 2016. Help. But my guest over-commitments aside, take this mix with you as you travel, share it folks because what’s a flight with no music? Miserable, that’s what.

Image via He Got Game.

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