Travel Bites: Cheap Caribbean, Tourist Scams & A Hotel In The Sky

The trick to a Caribbean vacay is all about a good flight so you can splurge on the fun. Want to know the 10 islands you can fly to for less? Start here. [HP]

It may be known as the summer party capital of the world, but the quieter side of the island of Ibiza is what could bring you back year-round. [NYTimes]

The baby throw, the dropped wallet, the distracted cashier. All tourist scams that even the most well traveled woman could fall for, get the info and be prepared for your next trip. [JTF]

If the idea of being truly disconnected from the outside world peaks your interest, consider these 10 remote places as your next travel destination with no iPhone required. [USA Today]

A personal chef, concierge and only 52 flatbed seats? The Four Seasons’ private jet is taking first class to another level. Check it out below! [CNN]

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