Travel Bites: Senegal Opens, Shady Maids & More

New York City’s Hudson Hotel has a pop-up Putt-Putt park for the month of April which is basically better than the other 50 great reasons to stay there. [Time Out NY]

In-flight book readings, surprise weddings and fashion shows. Southwest Airlines’ “in-flight activations” have many passengers looking forward to what’s next. [Slate]

Senegal wants you to visit and they’re making it easier than ever with no visa requirements and slashed taxes on all flights. Let’s go! [AR]

When it comes to hotel maids and your belongings, there are definitely some bad apples but most operate by the code of “look but don’t touch.'” [HP]

Game of Thrones is back! And once again, it’s Northern Ireland backdrop is on our travel “to-do” list. [WashPo]

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