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Travel Bites: Hello Kitty Eats, Tequila’s Evil Father & DC On The Cheap

Hello Kitty in Chinese? No really. There is a new Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant open in Hong Kong and dim sum has never been…cuter? [Time]

If the Frugal Traveler can make a weekend in Washington, DC happen for just $100, you can totally make it happen in style. [NYTimes]

You’ve seen the “this program is edited for content” disclaimers while watching tv/movies in the air…but just how are they censored? It all depends on where you are. [USA Today]

If you think tequila is evil than you’ve yet to meet it’s 2,000 year old ancestor, pulque. And it’s making a comeback in Mexico City. [BBC]

“Are there toll roads on the way to Hawaii?” This and 19 more of the most insane questions/requests asked of travel agents. [TP]

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